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 u may be married to a filipina if.....

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PostSubject: u may be married to a filipina if.....   Tue 27 Nov 2007, 19:24

* Your refrigerator is always full but you cannot find any food that
you recognize. (tinuod jud kaau...puno ang ref ug mga leftovers..hilig magtago ug sobra lolz)

* Most of the decorations in your house are made of wicker (alangan para native jud..)

* You are expected to be able to read her mind just by watching her
eyebrows move up and down and which way her lips are pointed.

* All her relatives think your name is Joe

* The instant you are married you have 3000 new close relatives that
you can't tell apart

* Your house isn't really on fire, but there is a very charred fish
right on top of the stove burner

* All the desserts are sticky and all the snacks are salty...

* She eats her fruit with giant salt crystals and her fried chicken
with ketchup. (naanad gud ug rock salt...ahak jud bisan asin nko bantayan)

* Even the ketchup tastes weird... very weird (palibhasa naanad sya ug gravy..sus oi ako bitaw mukaon dli man ikaw)

* You throw a party and everyone is fighting to chop the leathery skin
off a dead pig.( lolz..lami man jud nang panit sa lechon mao nga ginailugan)

* You try to call her up on the phone and someone tells you "for a
while" and you want to know "for a while, what??" (palibhasa french ka mao nga di nimo masabtan..hilom na lang gud ehehhe)

* You are trying to go to sleep and she keeps asking for the
comFORT'r, and you ain't got a clue what she's talking about. (alangan katugnaw kaau noh..saun pud ka oi di ka kasabot la ta naanad ug bugnaw kaau)

* Your phone bills are all international and average 3 hours per call (hahhaha lami mang gud mg telebabad..makalimot ta nga long distance man diay)

* She sweeps with something that witches usually fly around on. (hahhaha lami man jud mag gamit ug silhig tukog kay kuha jud ang buling..saba kau mg gamit ug vacuum)

* The rice cooker is on 24 hours a day and uses up 50% of your
electric and food budget. (sauna lang noh..not now dli na kau ko ga rice..ehehehe himantayun man diay kau ka dah)

* On your first trip to the Philippines, you have 18 giant boxes that
weigh 1000 pounds each and your "carry on" luggage requires a small
forklift truck. (pasalubong tawun na...ayaw na reklamo)

* The same luggage is over filled with things that cost an average of
15 cents each like old magazines and M&Ms -- the worst part is when
you get off the plane, the same stuff you've been hauling around half
way around the world is available in every store in the airport for
half the price! (hahhaha bahala na gud barato sa duty free basta kay ang atung dala gikan jud sa canada)

* All her pajamas look like they were worn by the Dalai Lama until
they got too faded (lami man jud suuton ng pajama nga daan kay presko..ambot oi bisan pajama bantayan)

* The first time she's pregnant you have to go out at 4:00 in the
morning looking for some weird type of greasy sausages. (waahhhhh hotdog lan man ako gipangita..reklamador oi..di man ikaw mukaon ako man..)

* You buy a new _500 freezer so she can store 200 pounds of SPAM that
was on sale. (hilum dha..ako pa spam pasanginlan..imoha baya nang mga dips ha imong gipangsulod? ahak..)

* Everything in your house was bought on sale, even if you don't need
it long as it was a "bargain" is all that matters (waahhhh magamit man tawun to oi..abi lang nimo dili)

* Her favorite sauce is called "patis," canadian call it turpentine..we french call it "sauce poissons" (lami man jud nang patis sa sinigang)

* She actually thinks that bowling and golf and billiards are real
sports and are more important than baseball and football. (alangan kaay di man ko ganahan football ug hockey)

* You were married 2 years before she explained to you that "ARAY!"
doesn't mean "ooh, baby!" (sa manb diay pagtuo nimo sa aray? saun pud ka oi hahahahha)

* Her favorite meal is leftovers, her favorite fancy dessert is Jello
mold and for something REALLY romantic, she'll offer you a halo-halo
with 2 straws. (alangan kay ni order ko halo-halo dli man ka..nya nitilaw ka di tagaan taka lain straw...)

* She and the kids are always saying "Daddy made utot" and you still
don't know what it means but they think it's pretty funny. (hahhahhaha)

* Other than eyebrow raising and lip puckering, her next most
expressive form of communication is grunts and pssst's (oist dili na jud ko nakasitsit nimo..)

* She goes to the movies just for the aircon..( o pero diri lang sa pnas kay init)

* Her homeland has more Megamalls than islands. (ganahan man ang pinoy tambay sa mall)

* Before every holiday and visit, her sisters fax you a 10 page
"bilins" list which says "suggestion only" (waahhhhh tugon ra man tu..pasalubong)

* She washes her hair with a bucket and her car with a broom. (mas lami man jud nang naa kabo sa banyo oi..)

* She "cleans" her closet by throwing all the crap into your closet. (hahhaha alangan kay mas imo man mga medyas daghan nya maabot sa ako closet)

* AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: You are pretty proud of yourself because
you think you snagged up for yourself some unique, rare, tropical
goddess type until you go to the Philippines and can't tell her apart
from anyone else in the whole country (unless she's taller than 5'1",
then it's a bit easier)... (hahhaha proud ako bana kay 5'4 ko...)
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u may be married to a filipina if.....
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