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PostSubject: NBA   Fri 30 Nov 2007, 09:04

NBA's best are not from USA

The best players in each position for the last 3 years

1. Center - Yao Ming - China - MVP candidate if not injured this season
2. Power Forward - Tim Duncan - Virgin Islands - former MVP
3. Shooting Forward - Dirk Nowitzky - Germany - MVP
4. Shooting Guard - Manu Ginobili - Argentina - he should be the Finals MVP of 2005 but gave it to Duncan instead
5. Point Guard - Steve Nash - Canada - 2 time MVP

Where are the Americans? I think in shooting guard position they dominate that position likes of Kobe, Tracy, Lebron, Dwyane etc. These people idolizes Jordan....where are the likes of Barkley, Malone?..Maybe one of the reasons why American basketball is not dominating the International competition. Can you blame Jordan? He elevates NBA to another level but change the game of American ballers...can the starting 5 of present US team can match up to these players?
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