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 EmO SayinGs!!!

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PostSubject: EmO SayinGs!!!   Sat 01 Dec 2007, 04:04

♣WoE mE!♣
♣nO OnE unDersTanD mY pLighT,♣
♣eVen ThougH mY mUsiC's SHITE,♣
♣I doNT kNOw whY I FEEL sO saD,♣
♣Or mY pOeTrY iS sO baD!!!.♣
♣Is mY puRpOsE iS TO annOY?♣
♣AnD aM i A GURL Or A boY?♣
♣I Dont knOw whY I Like rOseS,♣
♣buT TheY HELP mE MySpace pOseS.♣
♣mY FamilY ThinK I'm GAy - I'm nOt,♣
♣bUt all my Fren saY goin B is hot.♣
♣mY cRotCh-cling jeans r 2 TIGHT,♣
♣future impOteNcE wiLL bE a reaL FrighT.♣
♣buT i DONT CARE,ILL taKe THaT ChanCE,♣
♣WhilsT ListeninG To My Chemical RomanCE.♣
♣nOw I Juzt wanT 2 CRY anD CRY♣
♣To mY diGniTy I waVE GOODbyEL♣
♣mY ninTendO wiLL ComfOrT mY DESPAIR♣
♣As WILL GreaSY,EffimiNatE HAIR♣
♣I Am sicK oF LIke,So CrueL,so HectiC♣
♣pLuS i'M borDerLinE anOreXiC,♣
♣Don't ask me how I'm feeling♣
♣Because I'll just say "ok"♣
♣But really it say nothing♣
♣On just how I feel today♣
♣Don't ask me what I'm thinking♣
♣On what's going througH aBouT mY LIFE♣
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PostSubject: Re: EmO SayinGs!!!   Sat 01 Dec 2007, 07:04

nice one boreD69king @

keep on posting at this forum I love you
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the watcher
the watcher

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PostSubject: Re: EmO SayinGs!!!   Sat 08 Dec 2007, 12:16

der r tings dat i want 2 hav, but
sumhow destiny 4bids..i wnt 2 w8
evendoi knw dat person will never love
me da way i love her...dat person wil
never cum back again...i want 2 bliv
dat i will smyl agen evn f d tirz r
held bck nsyd..i wnt 2 b luv by d
person, hu can nver luv me bck...yet i
remain hopful til d day she will
realize dat She can love me ....

i trapped in an illusion its tragic
yet i chus 2 liv dat life..
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PostSubject: Re: EmO SayinGs!!!   

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EmO SayinGs!!!
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