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 frequently asked questions about SEX

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PostSubject: frequently asked questions about SEX   Sat 01 Dec 2007, 10:35

here u can share anything about SEX
ask anything

What is masturbation and how do you do it?

Masturbation is when people touch their own bodies for sexual pleasure. People masturbate in lots of different ways. Touching your own body for sexual pleasure is different for everyone, depending on what makes your body feel good.

Males usually stroke or rub the penis or press their penis against a mattress. Females usually use their fingers to touch themselves on or near the clitoris, the sensitive bump above the opening of the vagina. Masturbation sometimes results in orgasm; sometimes it doesn't.

Masturbation can be a great way to release sexual tension or desire without involving anyone else or risking pregnancy and diseases. People of all ages masturbate -- from infants to old people. Some people believe that masturbation is a normal, healthy thing for people to do. Some people believe that masturbation is wrong. You need to decide for yourself what you believe, and whether or not you want to experiment with touching your own body. If so, just make sure you have some privacy.
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the watcher
the watcher

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PostSubject: Re: frequently asked questions about SEX   Sat 08 Dec 2007, 12:06

can masturbation be harmful if u masturbate a lot??

thanks in advance for the members who will answer my question.
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frequently asked questions about SEX
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